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The pre-engineered and fabricated building is manufactured based on applicable engineering standards. Tested and shipped to clients' site, ready to be plugged in and switched on. It is customized to client's requirements, housing complete Power and Control solution with all necessary auxiliaries: AC/DC systems, Fire system, UPS, redundant HVAC & DDC.


Applicable Standards

The fire rated metal building / enclosure / housing / shelter are fully engineered, sized, fabricated and factory-tested to latest industry specifications, codes and standards customized to clients' requirements:


  • 12-SAMSS-014 (SAES-A-112,H100; AAMA701; AISC; AISI; ASTM A,B,C,D,F; AWS D1.1, D1.3; CMAA SPECS#70,74; Uniform Building Code and Standards 1997; IEC529; NEMA 250; NEMA MG1; ARS08111; ARS08710); PIP ELSSG 11
  • HVAC & DDC: (27-SAMSS-002; 34-SAMSS-821; 34-SAMSS-831; 27-SAIP-01; AMCA99, AMCA210; ASHRAE; ANSI; NFPA; SMACNA; UMC)
  • Annunciators: 34-SAMSS-815; 34-SAMSS-820
  • Battery Charger/Rectifier and Battery Bank: 17-SAMSS-514; 17-SAMSS-511
  • 4.16KV Control Gear: 16-SAMSS-506
  • 13.8KV Control Gear: 16-SAMSS-504
  • 34.5KV Control Gear: 16-SAMSS-504
  • Low Voltage Control Gears /MCC: 16-SAMSS-503
  • Fire Alarm System: 34-SAMSS-820; IEEE-979
  • PLC: 34-SAMSS-820
  • Dry Type Transformers: UL Listed
  • Battery Room: NEMA 7 - Class 1 - Div.2 - Group B



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Corporate Headquarters

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