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Global Reach, Local Expertise, Personalized Service

Innovation is the cornerstone of our day to day activities. We strive to deliver to clients innovative offerings, tailored to their needs, focusing on maximum utility at the right price. To achieve this, we work closely with our clients, while managing cost structure, and deploying the latest efficient and effective technologies and industrial practices.


Our field know-how ensures that clients' specific requirements are addressed. This ensures a better return on their investment with regards to quality, safety, system reliability and integrity. Rawabi Electric's exposure to global leading technology vendors provides clients with competitive added value. Global partnerships secure access to latest know-how, while diversity ensures delivering the best available offerings with no brand or vendor bias, thus securing low risk- maximum value.


Close relationships with our clients allow us to provide prompt and effective responsiveness under all circumstances, thus enabling our clients to continuously resume their daily core activities, while safeguarding their interests and investment.


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P.O. Box 3056, Al Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 13 812 1266

Fax: +966 13 812 1295





Corporate Headquarters

P.O. Box: 79800

Al Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 13 865 7055

Fax: +966 13 864 7484